The Name

Having a name that is a reference to Jesus Christ and His salvation is key to the ministry of Thirty Pieces of Silver. "Thirty pieces of silver is the price that humanity put on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. We sold Him out for a pittance, when He gave us everything," says Tim Pratt the groups co-founder. (Zechariah 11:13) "It is especially fitting for this day and age when we put prices on everything. Just think, the Son of God was only worth thirty pieces of silver," says Dale Baty, the groups primary singer-songwriter. Thirty pieces of Silver have been together for over 10 years and hail from Lincoln Nebraska. The band now has four CD's out. The first self titled CD came out in 1999, the second, "Deliver Me" came out late in 2002. The third CD, "I Need You", came out August of 2005. Then in August of 2008 came "REborn" which has a little harder edge and takes the band in yet another direction. The blend of Rock, Blues, Folk, and every now again a little Country influence keeps things interesting. They perform at a variety of events including, youth rallies, outreach festivals, prison ministries, as well as concerts. They travel regionally, when opportunity permits and have been invited to a number of out state events. Their song Hellfire and Brimstone Blues has been a favorite and has been played on a variety of Christian radio stations. The band has played on the same ticket and at festivals with a variety of top name Christian acts.


The Ministry

Thirty Pieces of Silver uses a rock/blues sound to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bringing a message of hope and salvation to the lost in a contemporary music format is central to the band's mission. Paul says, "We present God's message through music in a non-threatening environment. "About the ministry Tim says, "I believe there are many people out there who are really searching for meaning in life. We want to present the gospel in a way that gets to them where they live. "Speaking to the dual purpose in the Thirty Pieces of Silver ministry Dale says, "I also think believers need to be encouraged in their walk. Many times traditional music is good, but it really doesn't hit at home where we live. Some of our songs talk about the here and now. They talk about the struggles that we go through on a daily basis. "According to Tim, "The lyrics contain the message. It is important that people hear and understand every word we sing." Dale agreed with the others and added, "Our goal is to handle the Word of God accurately as we minister to people."